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Hotels will always retain underlying real estate value no matter the economic conditions – it’s simply a matter of navigating the path to profitability. While the industry has enjoyed tremendous value and revenue growth over the years, the hotel business is now facing a series of unprecedented challenges. However, the cyclical nature of market movements presents a trained investor with incredible opportunities that can be challenging to duplicate during periods of economic expansion.

Anagram Ventures sees the coming months and years as a period of great promise for stakeholders. Through a nuanced understanding of market trends, consumer needs, and property valuations, we will identify and acquire assets that we believe are likely to yield strong returns.

And we’ll do it all through a relationship-focused, solution-driven, and radically simple approach.


At the start of every project, we stop. And we listen. To us, a deal isn’t successful until every voice at the table has been heard. By looking beyond mere facts and figures, our team is able to fully assess opportunities from a variety of perspectives, while providing value propositions others may not see.


As a private, independently owned firm with an entrepreneurial spirit, we’re unencumbered by stringent corporate protocols that all too often stymie the acquisition process. This ability to move quickly and decisively allows us to be resourceful in developing creative solutions to complex deals. No two properties are identical, and that means each deal presents a unique opportunity for success.

Radically simple.

Real estate deals can be complicated. But they don’t have to be. By offering a streamlined approach that delivers expertise in hospitality operations, real estate deal structuring, and capital markets—all under one roof—we’re able to significantly reduce the complexity of the project cycle. This results in a speedier execution and an overwhelmingly more positive experience for all involved.

Our Experience

Experience shapes how we think. And how we Invest.

An affiliate of J Street Hospitality, a San Diego-based company specializing in lifestyle-focused hotels, Anagram Ventures was created to provide value for stakeholders during this new economic cycle through the acquisition, development, and sale of hospitality-related assets. Its management team focuses on urban and coastal locations in high barrier to entry markets, and has successfully invested into and developed hotel projects totaling more than $600 million.

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