June 22, 2020
Hotel Executive

Announcing Anagram Ventures, New Independent Investment Firm from the Dynamic Minds Behind J Street Hospitality
San Diego Based Firm Brings Creative, Nimble and Proven Approach to Hospitality Investment

Anagram Ventures' management team brings deep expertise in high barrier-to-entry markets and has successfully invested into and developed hotel projects totaling more than $600 million. The independent firm is entrepreneurial in nature and nimble, allowing Anagram Ventures to move quickly and decisively to develop creative solutions unique to each project. Anagram Ventures also brings to bear strategic and proven partnerships across financing, construction, hotel operations and real estate development, having worked with Marriott International, Bank of America, Swinerton Builders, Delawie Architects, CBRE, and others. Its principals see the coming months and years as a period of great promise for stakeholders.

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June 18, 2020
Hotel Business

J Street Hospitality Launches Anagram Ventures

San Diego – “Our principals offer a streamlined approach that delivers expertise in hotel operations, real estate deal structuring, and capital markets – all under one roof,” said President Sajan Hansji. “The partnership’s objective is to negotiate and acquire hotels by targeting the ‘all-in’ basis, with a special focus on unique factors that may create immediate value and/or long-term risk mitigation. Through our multifaceted experience, we use a relationship-focus, solution-driven and radically simple approach, allowing us to sustain until the market is right for an exit.”

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Hospitality Design

J Street Hospitality Launches New Affiliate Firm

The team behind J Street Hospitality has announced the launch of a new affiliate firm, Anagram Ventures. The private and independently owned firm is helmed by president Sajan Hansji. Inspired by the eponymous linguistic concept, Anagram’s goal is to identify and execute creative solutions for debt restructuring, alternative uses for real estate, brand repositioning, and operating cost reductions in order to sustain investment. Entrepreneurial in spirit, Anagram will provide value for stakeholders during this new economic cycle through the acquisition, development, and sale of hospitality-related assets.

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June 17, 2020

J Street Hospitality Team Launches Independent Investment Firm: Anagram Ventures

San Diego – The creative and strategic team behind J Street Hospitality – a real estate investment, development, operations, and asset management firm specializing in lifestyle-focused hotels – this week announced the launch of affiliate firm, Anagram Ventures. Helmed by President Sajan Hansji, the private, independently owned firm was created to provide value for stakeholders during this new economic cycle through the acquisition, development, and sale of hospitality-related assets.

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Daily Briefings

San Diego – Inspired by the concept of an anagram, where rearranging the letters of a word yields an entirely new thought, Anagram Ventures aims to identify and act on unique opportunities by exploring creative solutions such as debt restructuring, alternative uses of real estate, brand repositioning or a reduction in operating costs to sustain an investment.

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